I upgraded a Netware 6.0 server from SP3 to SP5. Since that update NAMED
will not start. It says -328 error on the console.
This might have to do with missing/damaged objects, so I tried to start
DNSDHCP console, Then I get the "failed to create context". So I installed
dnsdhcp4.exe from the Novell site. Now, when I start DNSDHCP console, I do
get the windows with the tree-name, I select my tree and click on launch.
And that is it. Nothing further happens. I run it on W2K and in taskmanager
I can see a javaw.exe consuming som 15MB or so, but that's it. When I start
it again, I see antoher javaw.exe stting and eating memory. But the console
won't start.
Anyone seen this?

Kind regards,

Adrie de Regt