When using NW5.1 sp7 the named.nlm loaded and I could do a zone-in from the service provider. Now when I load named.nlm with NW6.5sp2 and the (DNS ver 6.03), I cannot even load named.nlm

This is the error:
Starting e-Directory integrated Novell DNS Server ...
critical: zone.c:4655: INSIST(!isc_time_isepoch(&zone->expiretime)) failed
critical exiting (due to assertion failure)
zone.c.4655 INSIST (!isc_time_isepoch(&zone->expiretime)) failed
zone.c.4655 INSIST (!isc_time_isepoch(&zone->expiretime)) failed
Loading the configuration and zone data completed.
DNS Server running
DNS Server is unloaded successfully
DNS Server Exiting

I believe the error is caused by the service provider but cannot prove this. Any ideas would be great.