We have NW6 sp5, running dns/dhcp, slpda, ndps broker and manager.
Workstations are 2000 and NT with client 4.9 sp2
no Zen.
There is one DNS zone and two in-adda-arpa, one for internal and one for
Everything is working except for two things :

the workstation records are not being created in the dns zone (and so of
course there is no ptr record in the in-adda-arpa) by dhcp server for the
internal zone. The address range is set to dynamic bootp & dns and
always update dns. Why not? Should work!

The dmz zone are all static. The ptr records were not automatically
created in the in-addr-arpa although it existed before the a records were
created in the forward lookup. It should have rcted those when making the
a record in the forward zone.

Is it confused by having two in-adda-arpa zones? The in-adda-arpa will
not let us create the ptr record manually. Create button does nothing.