I had a problem the other day with an IP address conflict in a class C
subnet. Two users each had a .80 address. Got the conflicting station to
release their address and the other user was ok. My worry is this..

The .80 address does not show up as a leased address when I load DNS/DHCP
manager (both with the older version I was running and the the newest
version available). However if I drill down in dsbrowse (on any given
server in the replica ring) I can find the NDS object for the .80 address
with details within it as to when it was last used etc.. The last used
time matches when the user last released/renewed.

The user that I got to release/renew their address went on to pick up
a .82 address. This address is not viewable in the DNS/DHCP manager

The user in the office informs me that this is not the first instance of a
IP address conflict in the office. I'm 99.9% certain there is only one
DHPC server operating in the office. I saw the user who had "stole"
the .80 issue a DHCP release to the DHCP server, which said it had no
record of that address anyways.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue. The DHCP server is
NW 5.1 SP6 running DHCPSRVR.NLM 3.12f on top of eDir 8.6.2.

Anyone got any thoughts as I'm thinking I haven't heard the last of this