Hi Folks,

I saw another post like this posted by someone else but it was never
answered satisfactorily so let me give this a try.

I have a primary DNS Zone, let's call it valair.pvt. I have created a
reverse lookup up zone, in-addr.arpa. The ip address of the server is At first, I created a container to hold the DNS objects, and
was getting this:

"10-23-2004 4:32:38 pm: DHCPSRVR-3.13-0
Severity = 1 ID = 0x140000C
Cannot add FQDN: all-0jd8xiwos5e.valair.pvt with address: to
DNS server. "
On the DNS console I got a message saying that it couldn't add the "server
address"#client to the reverse lookup zone.

I messed around and around and finally moved the DNS zone objects to the
container that the DNS server resides, and now I get no message at all but
still no update.

Any Ideas? Thanks in advance for your help!