I want to implement web proxy support from DHCP in our network.

I had refer to some TID
Web Proxy support from DHCP - TID 2953490 (last modified 27AUG1999)

and aslo

but from TID 2953490, I can't Set the description to something like "Web
Proxy Auto-Discovery", becasue it disallow me to change any value.

it work normally if I configure and enable automatic configuration script in
explorer as

But I really hope that I can push the configuration from DHCP so that I no
need to configure on each client
if i change the server. i just need to changed in DHCP.

Anyone had done this before?
What's the problem and how to solve it?

My Novell Server is 6.5 SP2
NDS/DHCP management Console is 6.0 2/13/03
ConsoleOne 1.3.6