I recently got a new Sonicwall 3060 Pro 6 port firewall to replace our old 3 port firewall. The old firewall segmented the network into two networks with one Netware 6.5 SP2 server on each running, amongst other services, the DHCP server. With the new firewall I'm adding at least 1 more network segment that needs a DHCP server. I configured a new subnet using the DNS/DHCP admin tool and created a pool of addresses within that range that can be used fyr Dynamic BOOTP and DHCP. I then configured the firewall's IP Helper to pass DHCP requests from that new segment to one of my Netware 6.5 DHCP servers.

Now when I plug a computer into that new subnet and try to do a DHCP release/renew I don't get an address. My question are:

1. Are there some special settings that must be made in Netware to make the server respond for requests from the new network or is it just smart enough?

2. How do you suggest I go about testing to see if the problem lies with the firewall or Netware? I was considering seeing if I could find a Linux DHCP relay agent to take the firewall out of the picture for testing purposes.