I'm with a huge organzation wanting to move to Dynamic DNS, but I can't
find good info on potential limitations of the product. We have over 200
geographical locations and approximately 50,000 devices to be serviced.

Our current thinking is to create site-specific sub-domains for each
geographical location and associated reverse lookup domains. Obviously,
this kind of implementation would mean hundreds and hundreds of zones.

TID10069580 decribes a 128 zone limit for updates by a single dhcp
server, given dhcp version 3.11a. Is this still the limit? Also, can
more than 128 subnets update these 128 zones? Is there any other advice
that anyone can offer on an implementation this large?

Thanks for all the help. Sorry if these questions have already been
covered. I tried searching the forum with Thunderbird with little luck.
Advice on better newsreaders also accepted.