I seem to have problems with older workstations that still have Zenworks
partitions that gets a DHCP address.

When a Zenworks partition negotiates for a DHCP address, it gets one, a
DDNS entry is created without a problem, a reverse ARPA entry is created,
that fine, but when the PC boots up, the reverse ARPA entry is not
overwritten all the time. Most of the time it is, but sometimes it isn't.

We are running Netware 6 SP4 edir 8.7.0.

Here's an exact scenario:

A PC connects (hostname = PC1393), it has a Zenworks partition. The
partition negotiates a DHCP address, it gets one. It gets
The DDNS creates a DDNS entry automatically,
localhostMACADDRESS.localdomain.com, which is ok I guess, but not very
useful and a reverse ARPA entry is created in zone 172.16.128
(128.16.172.IN-ADDR.ARPA), 77, with DNS name
localhost.localdomain.com.MYDNS (douglas.rtss.qc.ca), not
localhostMACADDRESS.localdomain.com.douglas.rtss.q c.ca.

Then the PC boots up, it gets the same IP address, Another
DDNS entry is created, PC1393 in zone douglas.rtss.qc.ca, so the DNS entry
is pc1393.douglas.rtss.qc.ca, but the ARPA reverse entry is not updated, it
remains at localhost.localdomain.com, instead of being pc1393, like most of
my other workstations.

Any pointers, suggestions? I've search Novell Support and Google and can
not find anything.