Everything is done through NW 6 servers and edir.
DNS & DHCP is managed through DNS/DHCP Console Manager.

I need to edit our existing subnet. Specifically I need to split it up into
smaller address ranges. It was originally setup with exclusions for our
server space but everything else was lumped together. I now need an
exclusion space for a wireless network. I don't have the luxury of just an
Access Point. It needed to be a full server so it could go off site. So I
want to have the wireless server DHCP serving up what I have excluded from
our NW 6 DHCP subnet mask.

The ?easiest? way I think I have found is to export our current DHCP subnet.
Then manually edit the address spaces (it was very easy to figure out by
looking at the exported file) and then import the new file with the edits.

What I have run into is an error during the import. ERROR MESSAGE BELOW

The following records have problems. They are being discarded.

L532 L533
0 Duplicated subnet address name:

How much disturbance will I cause the network if I delete the subnet, force
sync NDS (it won't take long, because it is only 3 servers with a small
tree) and then import the file with the edits?

Thanks for the help.
Daniel Blake