We have a Novell Netware 6.0 SP2 server with a Advantage Database Server
V5.1 and a W2000 server with SQLServer 7.0

We connect them thru a DNS for recieving data from various .DBF files wich
is stored on a database in the SQL server and a local computer has the
Advantage Database Client Engine 2.1 wich connect thru TCP/IP to the W2000
server and then the W2000 server connects to the Novell server, this
connections are made because we generate an Excell Worksheet on the W2000
server so the local computer doesn't have to make all the hard work, but
sometimes we get a '8017' error (Get Effective Rights), we reboot the
Windows 2000 and it works fine again for about a week and then the error
appears again, do you know of a similar case or what can i do to prevent
this message from apearing again?

Any help will be welcome. Thanks.