our windows clients will not release their dhcp leases at shutdown and
therefore not deregistering their ddns names.
A windows 2k dhcp server has new vendor specific options which let the
client release its ip address. (Windows 2000 Options #2

The vendor options uses option 60 and as far as we investigated option
43 to handle this request.

Is there a change to build this with a netware 6.5 dhcp server or can
it be configured as default in the registry.

We found in other groups a change for a linux dhcpd server change for
the dhcpd.conf to do just this:

> # Microsoft proprietary stuff:
> option space MSFT;
> option MSFT.release-on-shutdown code 2 = unsigned integer 32;
> # Note: The vendor option "MSFT 5.0" is also used by Windows XP.
> class "win2k-clients" {
> match if option vendor-class-identifier = "MSFT 5.0";
> send fqdn.server-update true;
> send fqdn.no-client-update true;
> vendor-option-space MSFT;
> option MSFT.release-on-shutdown 1;
> }

Hope anyone can help us.

Michael Koeppl