Hi all, I have two DNS servers, DNS1 (NW5.1) and DNS2 (NW6 w/SP5). Clients
PCs get IP address and DNS info through DHCP server, everyone has DNS1
listed first then DNS2. Theoretically, DNS1 should do all the work and DNS2
should be idle (correct me if I am wrong) unless DNS1 does not respond. Now,
I see lot of DNS request and respond on DNS2 NAMED screen, why?
2nd question, I created a zone named cisco where I put all our routers'
records in there since there is only few applications/users use it and I
don't want to mix them with all other records (is this a good practice?) It
does resolve name to IP address but with message 'non-authoritative answer'
when I used nslookup. But sometimes the DNS server (or maybe cisco zone)
does not resolve router names in cisco zone while still resolve other
entries in main zone. Don't get it, please help. After I reload NAMED,
everything works fine.

Thanks in advance!