We're running DNS and DHCP on NW6.5 SP2 with a mix of NT SP6a and XPSP1

Since some recent ds issues one of my DHCP subnets keeps creating 'unknown'
dhcp objects with names like 3_2, 7_2 etc. These show up as normal entries
in the DHCPDNS client gui, and seem to work ok, but are obviously
undesirable. They only seem to appear in this subnet and I've deleted them
but they reappear or new ones are created.

As a fix I want to delete and recreate that subnet, but wondered if I do
that how will the workstations react? My guess is that it won't be a
problem: when they next check in with DHCP (either when they expire or
before) they'll either reclaim the same address if it is free or if get a
new one.
But what if one pc has a 30-day lease on address, I delete and
recreate the subnet so there's no longer any record of that assignment, then
another pc is started and is granted that same IP address? I do have the
'ping' feature enabled where DHCP checks an address before assigning it,
would there be a problem if I didn't?


Steve Law