We have two secondary DNS servers that are providing resolution to our
workstations (W2K Pro) of names of internal servers in a parent division's
LAN. If our workstations require Internet name resolution they are
configured to try our ISP's DNS servers. So, our workstations have a list
of five DNS servers--two for our internal secondaries, and three of our
ISP's. We found we had to disable the DNS Client service on our
workstations in order for resolution to work properly. Frankly, at this
time, three months later, I can't accurately describe what was not
working. The point is, we're now being told the problem is that there is
no "A" record for our internal secondary DNS servers, and that is why we
had to disable the DNS client service. In addition, we're being told that
our DNS servers are actually responding to broadcasts, and not direct DNS
queries from our clients. We're told that unless the workstation can
resolve the name of the secondary DNS servers the DNS servers do not
provide name resolution (unless as a result of a broadcast). Does this
sound right?