I have 2 DHCP servers on NetWare 6.5 SP2 configured as follows:

Network address: (mask

Server1 : One subnet (mask with one address range

Server2 : One subnet (mask with one address range

The original implementation was supposed to provide redundancy in DHCP so if one server went down the other would continue to provide IP addresses. This does not work, as only Server1 provides IP addresses to the client workstations. Server 2 displays the following error message on the DHCPSRVR Debug Screen "Incoming client <MAC Addr> on subnet <> will not be serviced since this server is not configured to give out addresses for this subnet."

I believe from reading NetWare documentation, and other news posts that I need to create one subnet with two address ranges each one with a default server (Server1 and Server2). I can not see any way to change the current subnet configuration, and assume that I have to delete the subnets, and create one new subnet. I need to know if this will delete the IP address leases, or if they will remain in NDS, and reappear in DHCP once the new range is created. If they will not reappear, and I need to back them up, and restore them, how do I do this. I have looked at the export option, however this exports the entire subnet with all information which I do not want.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Tim.