NetWare 6.0, SP5 (Same symptoms with SP3).

When you load DHCPSRVR, the server goes to 100% and DHCP doesn't fully initialize... This is the what I get (pasted in below). It will just sit there and never go any further. If I unload DHCPSRVR, Utilization goes back down to 1%. DHCPSRVR also shows as the busiest thread. If I take out the IP Subnet assignment, it will at least load (with only errors about the "no lan ip assignment"). So it seems to be something about accessing the DHCP range. I have deleted and recreated from scratch. There are also 3 other servers in the tree (at other WAN locations) that do not have any problems with their DHCP configuration.

All subnets are in a DNSDHCP container and have a replica on each server. They were all in their server containers (with the same results) until I redid them. I tried TID 10079494 with no luck (This was the TID that said I needed to create an Object Class value index on the server. Any ideas are appreciated.

Loading module DHCPSRVR.NLM
DHCP Server
Version 3.13.04 April 30, 2004
Copyright (C) 1991-2003 Novell, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Module DHCPSRVR.NLM load status OK
SERVER-5.60-1: Loading Initiated at 12-10-2004 4:52:57 pm.

0 : Logged in as Server
Locator name is [DNS-DHCP.DNSDHCP.DIST8]
LoadServerObj():Read DHCP Server Reference from NCP Server
Subnet address:, pSubnet->pOptions: 0, len = 0
Right before LoadAllRanges
subnet ref in LoadALLRanges: MAMMOTH_DHCP.MAMMOTH
pRange type read is 99, pDataServerRef: DHCP_MAMMOTH.MAMMOTH, pDHCPServerD
Right before LoadAllIPs
SubnetHashTable created, size: 17
IPHash and MACHash created, size: 1181, ipCount = 255
Finished all IP hash table stuffing
Begin Fill pool for all subnets
LoadProcessing successful