Please help. Anytime I load named on my NSBS 6.5 server, it crashes with
the following message on the named screen:

FD_SETSIZE at entry to ZinMgr() 16
FD_SETSIZE changed in ZinMgr() to 128
Logged in as Server
Locator name is [DNS-DHCP.FOSAD]
Zov: Server obj name read from NCP srvr obj is DNS_FCSERVER.FOSAD
FD_SETSIZE at entry to netif_init() 16
FD_SETSIZE changed in netif_init() to 128
DNS Server Init complete. Ready to recv data on port 53
Cleanupndns: Terminating QH thread
FD_SETSIZE at entry to QH_AlarmClock() 16
FD_SETSIZE changed in QH_AlarmClock() to 128
QH_ShutOffAlarm: signaled maintenance thread to terminate
Cleanupndns: QH thread terminated
Cleanupndns: Terminating Zone in thread
Cleanupndns: Zonein thread terminated
Cleanupndns: Terminating NetIf thread
Cleanupndns: NetIf thread terminated
Cleanupndns: Terminating NS server thread
Cleanupndns: NS server thread terminated
Cleanupndns: Terminating zone manager thread
Zov: DnsSrvrOptions val is 0
Cleanupndns: Zonemgr thread terminated

Press any key to close screen

The message on the console is:

unable to init DNS sockets

DNS init failure in module TCP/IP interface

I do not have the slightest idea what all this means.
I have tried to delete the DNS server and reinstall is, the problems
still persist.
Any ideas would be welcomed.