I'm new to DNS and am setting or should I say trying to setup DNS for
Zenworks for Servers.

We have 4 sites connected by T1 circuits with 2 servers at each site. I need
to know what is the best method to set things up. I have DHCP working at
each site fine, but when it came to setting up DNS I ran into some issues.

1. I called our zone mycompany.com
set a ARPA of
"A" record of with host name myserver.mycompany.com
declared this as master DNS authority
added "A" records for each server in our company

2. should I do this for each site but make them secondary DNS Servers? and
how should I name the zones or just add to existing zone for new IP segments

3. how do we set it up to resolve local and if not forward to pubic DNS

Do I need to use Resolv.cfg at all
How do I resolve " Name server not active"

Any help would be great

should I create a zone for each site