I'm running NW 6.5 (SP2) and using NAMED.NLM ver. 6.02 (and DHCPSRVR.NLM
ver. 3.13.04). When I add a new A-record using DNS/DHCP management console
(which was also recently re-installed, using the newest version
available), then do an nslookup for that record, it says "can't find
hostname: non-existent domain."

I've tried deleting and re-adding this record several times, but to no
avail. All my other A-records work fine. I've been using this name server
for many months and never had a problem, now all of a sudden it won't take
a new entry. It's almost as if it's not reading the data from NDS or

Any help? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

- Jim