NW5.1 server, all patched to date, running DHPC, seriving it just fine.

It stops serving DHCP and I tried every TID I could find, even the one
for RARE problems, stop server, run with -NS -NA -NL etc. etc..

Run DHCP server with -s -D3 and still nothing being served.

Scratch head a lot, call friends, stare at server for hours.

The only clue is, when starting the DHCP server, the message "IP
database loaded" does not display on the console.

Then take a peek in sys:etc/dhcp just for grins, many files inside
folder. None of them have config info in them, but I figure what the
heck, nothing has worked to this point so....

delete all files in sys:/etc/dhcp

Start DHCP server, and all is working perfectly.

So now I am really scratching my head. My client is very happy that
DHCP is being served again, but what it the heck just happend, I could
not tell him, anyone have a clue for me ??

- Bill.