I have an existing 5.1sp6 dhcp/dns server that currently services several vlans. I put in a new nw6.5sp2 server running dhcp (not dns yet) and created a separate testing vlan and assigned this server to act as that vlan's dhcp server.

When I have a static ip address assigned, I can ping other servers, get onto the internet, etc. When I set to obtain using either the new dhcp/dns server or the exisitng one, I do not get an address but get the internal 169 address.

I followed tid 10088254 - and loaded dhcpsrvr -D3 and there are no errors. I do not see that a request is even being made for an ip address. I also made sure IPFLT and PDHCP are not loaded as the tid states.

At this point, I am not sure if its my VLAN, or if, because I have two dhcp servers, maybe its confused which one to use? Although, none of my other vlans seem to have any problem but I have not assigned this dhcp server to them.

Thank you.
Stacie White