we have three buildings, in each is NWSB 4.2 SP9 server and servers are
connected together with Wi-fi access points (bone). Each NW server has
accept the NIC to wireless at least another (from 1 to 3) NIC with wired
100Mb net and workstations. We have one NW with DHCP server, the other 2
are forwarding DHCP requests to one main. There are a few workstations,
which are connected to bone subnetwork.
My question:
Is possible make this scenario: Each NW server would have his own DHCP
server, which control IP addresses at wired subnetworks, delegated to
this server. But what make with bone subnetwork with connected
workstations ? They are able to send requests and to get responses from
all NWservers, and how the DHCP servers serves this case ? I would make
this to improve fault tolerance, because the air grow very elmag smoged.