I upgraded a Netware 5.1 SP7 server to 6.5 SP2 using an overlay CD set.
After the upgrade, the DNS screen indicated errors opening the zone.db
(mydomain.com.db)file. I looked in the sys:etc\dns directory and the
in-addr.arpa.db file was there, but my domain.db file was not.

I deleted the DNS server object from the DNS/DHCP management console and
recreated it. The in-addr.arpa.db file came back (I deleted the .db file
from the broke server before removing the object), but the domain.db file
was still missing.

Another DNS server that was working OK had the domain.db file on it, so I
copied the missing file and named sees happy when launched.

Any ideas what went wrong, and am I shooting myself in the foot to simply
copy the missing .db file?