I am changing over from 4.11 to a netware 6. I finally pulled the plug
on the netware 4 server after altering it's dhcp lease time to one day. I
then configured the netware 6 dhcp server using the management console.
I added a line in the autoexec.ncf, LOAD DHCPSRVR and rebooted the
server. The logger shows that DHCP was loaded OK, however when I go back
into the mangement console, the dhcp server still has a red cross through
If I go to the events log (in the management console) it comes up with a
warning box that I have a network error EAUD1001
java.net.ConnectException: connection refused: connect. Cannont establish
communication session with the target server
(Netware 6, SP5. Intel server board. Zen4)

Any ideas will be greatfully received

Dave Barnett