I have DHCP installed on a NW 6 SP5 server. We have Windows XP SP1 on
our workstations. DHCP is working fine except for laptops that move
between multiple buildings. We have 3 permanent TCP/IP addresses
assigned to the same MAC address on the laptop, one for each subnet that
it attaches to. Two of the subnets will assign a DHCP address to the
laptop. The third, which comes from a subnet pool will not allocate the
assigned permanent address. We are only having an issue for addresses
defined within this subnet pool and it is the only pool defined in our
network. The laptop indicates that the DHCP server can not be found and
assigns the 169.x.x.x address when it attempts to request an address from
the subnet pool which is a VLAN in our environment The DHCP server
indicates an Out of Addresses for message on the MAC address.