currently all our dns is on netware servers - 3 distributed ones , allowing
ddns etc etc
i'm going to be putting up an isolated network that will be running 2003 AD
.. they require only to go through us for interent and further name resolution.
it will be a single server at this site - as it's 2003AD - i'm going to put
a dns server on the box and let it be AD integrated .
what do i need to do to have a secondary zone of this on the netware boxes
is it just a case of seting up the zone on the one of the netware dns
servers - configure one as the the zone -in and designate it as a secondary
server - i assume when i do this it will ask where the primary is - point
to the AD box
then on AD box add the netware box to something
is this it - do i need to do anything else