I think the warranty expired on our DNS servers on 1/1/05 :)

Seriously - I have an issue where 3 of our sites cannot get DHCP
addresses, as the DHCP server does not even see the request. The DHCP
servers are NW51SP6, and have worked flawlessly until yesterday. In
attempting to troubleshoot the issues, I'm attempting to check the DNS
configuration. However, if I launch the DNSDHCP console, "Our Network:
in the DHCP tab is blank. Even if I use the -S and/or -C switches on
the command line, I get the same results.

I followed a TID I found (sorry, no number, I closed FireFox by
accident) and removed the locator object, group, and DNS root zone (we
don't use Novell DNS, btw) and reinstalled them using DNIPINST.

Any ideas?