Server is running NWSB6 SP4. On the server NAMED is running. Also
BorderManager 3.7 (or 3.6?, it came with the SBSuite6) is running. We do use
the proxy. I do know that the proxy uses resolv.cfg to determin where to
send its NSlookups.
RESOLV.CFG looks like this:
the first is the named on the server, the second is the providers
DNS-server. This one is also written down in the forwarding-list in DNS-DHCP

What happens is that browsing the internet is slow. Because of delays in
nslookups. I see on the console that named (1st server in resolv.cfg) is
requesting and requesting and then times out. I also see that when I want to
go to, named asks for,
which is the reason for the long delays, since this is a non-existing.
So, apparently named decides that the request coming from the proxy is for a
non-FQDN and appends the customer's domainname to it.

And how do I prevent this?

Kind Regards,

Adrie de Regt