we've been asked if we can create a hostname in DNS which will resolve two
two different IP addresses on a 'round robin' basis. For example, hostname
DATABASE responds alternatively as and, giving a
different answer to each request. This is for load balancing on a couple of
application servers running a database between them.

There is nothing in the DNS documentation on the Novell site. I've trawled
through the forum and can't make out if this is something I can do or not.
I found this:

In a discussion with mchalemj@yahoo.com on 29 April 2004 17:58 Brad wrote:
>Can you do round robin DNS with Netware 6.5?

AFAIK, it should work like 6.0 in which case it does it automatically
when you assign multiple IP addresses to a single host name.
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Is this 'round robin'-ing'? How does one assign two IP addresses to one host


Steve Law