Here is what I am having problems with. My organization is connected to a hospital via a private circuit for a few applications. Routing is in place and existing apps are allowed to traverse the circuit. The hospital has added a new web app that is completely on their private net, addressed 10.20.30.x and accessible via us and them. They need us to resolve the name in order to access it correctly. I have a Novell NetWare 6.5 box doing dns. They want me to add an entry for the app. I have added an A record and zone for It functions but the problem is now all of my inside hosts cannot get to (like www). These other host requests should go out our inet circuit to their public Inet zone and not via the private circuit.

So the ultimate goal is to give my clients specific info for a single host on 's domain but to not be authoritative for it so requests for other hosts at follow the normal public lookup path and return valid public addresses.

Thanks for any insight,