DNS zones have a 'Minmum TTL' value, the default seems to be 24 hours,
that's what mine's set to. I wonder if someone could explain how this works
and what it effects?

I had understood this option to relate to how often DNS refreshed its cached
entries against those in the tree. The Help file in the gui says "The
parameter determines how long a dns server retains an address mapping in
cache". But if I create a new hostname in the gui, it usually becomes live
(if I don't reload named.nlm) in about 10 minutes.

Other posts here suggest that this value is passed onto workstations and
effects how long a workstation will use a dns entry it has cached before
re-checking with the dns server. This is what I'm interested in - a way to
force workstations to re-resolve a cached address mapping.

Can anyone enlighten me?


Steve Law