Hi all,

I am running DHCP services on a NW 6.5 server. I have most of my workstations set up to grab addresses from DHCP. THe exceptions are printers and servers which for obvious reasons are static.

I have a few win2000 servers on the segment. For some reason one of these servers keeps registering with DNS with a dhcp assigned address. I have checked and recehecked the server and it definitely is set up to have a static address which is outside the pool of DHCP addresses. When I look at the server it appears to have the correct address and responds to pings to that address. The problem is that for some reason the server self registers with DNS as having an address in the DHCP range, so that when we try to connect to it by name it fails. A ping of the name results in errors stating that it can't be found and gives the wrong IP address.


I have the server set up with IP address It's DNS name is oah-app-dev.oah.wa.gov. When I ping the server IP address (ping it works fine. When I ping by name (Ping oah-app-dev.oah.wa.gov) it returns an address which is in my DHCP range. My dhcp range is 198.238.135..40 - 100. So far today the server has returned addresses of 198.238.135-42, 51, and 68. I have removed all references to this server from DNS, then re-entered a record for it with the correct IP address, and re started the DNS server. After a while I'll try to ping the server by name and once again it'll return an IP address which is from my DHCP pool. If I check my DNS, sure enough it has registered itself again with this bogus IP address. The interesting thing is that it will not respond to the ping when it has this bogus address.

Any ideas? None of my other 2000 or XP servers are doing this.