I am trying to set up a basic computer network one computer containing
novell server and the other containing windows 2003 server as the client
workstation this will have console one and all the other graphical tools.
The version of novell i am running is novell 6.5 evaluation off the
website. Now im starting from scratch i have no novell products installed
do i use the deployment manager first? And if so what steps do i have to
complete in the network preparation part?

Then once i get to the install 6.5 automate installation part what are the
best options to use for configurations if i want to set up a basic
communication between client and server so users can login etc? Tell me
which protocols too choose and which desired pattern to install should i
use the pre configured servers if so which ones? When i fill in the IP
address is that for the server? Do i have to worry about SLP and
multicasting for a basic network like this with only two computers?

Lastly what is a DA server and what address do i put in there?
Do i really need multicasting or a SLP scope list or a directory agent?
Could you tell me step by step in detail please..


help help!