I did an NSBS6 SP3 to 6.5 SP2 (overlay) inplace upgrade for a client on a HP Proliant ML 370 dual zeon 2.4 Ghz, 1 GB RAM. Prior to the upgrade DNS and DHCP were working fine.

Setup is two NICs, private and public outside BorderManager. Two different cards with different drivers so I don't confuse them.

After thinking my best course of action was reinstall DNS I used DNIPINST -r to remove DNS then DNIPINST to recreate the objects. I then went on to use the wizard in iManager to set up DNS again, same result.

Named loads with 2 errors (a few days ago and I don't have my notes), 1/ the UDP socket is already in use and 2/ it reports that it cannot reach the loopback address. I can ping from the console, same address as in Hosts. The other clue is that in the iManager NSBS DNS setup wizard it always likes to believe the private address is, regardless of the fact that I change it back to Using the DNS/DHCP console confirms it persistently latches onto despite my corrections.

I'm guessing it can't reach the loopback because it's trying to get there from, outside the firewall.

All the load and bind commands are in the correct order, the private address is always first. The private address is also set as the default server IP in INETCFG. HOSTS, HOSTNAME and Resolv.cfg all appear to be perfect now. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the cards in INETCFG.

Where and why is the wizard grabbing this address from? I don't particularly want to have to relearn how to set this up manually in the DNS/DHCP console, the Wizard setup caching and forwarding used to be, and still is, just perfect for my simple needs.

The DHCP setup is also cactus but I suspect that fixing the DNS issue will let me fix that easily.

Any help gratefully anticipated. Paul Segal.