Hello there,

This is a long post, so I'll put the basic question on top. You can read
the backstory below if it will help.

What kind of problems can I expect when I replace a windows AD DNS/DHCP
server with a Netware 6.5 DNS/DHCP server? My users were unable to login
after the change.


We have an office consisting of all netware 6.5 servers running our own
internal DNS servers off of netware. We also have another office running
both a windows NT 4 server domain and a windows 2000 Active directory
domain (with users split on both). We've also recently installed netware
6.5 on a server in this location and have DNS and DHCP installed and
configured. Both offices use windows NT workstation, windows 2000
workstation and XP.

On top of everything else, we own (examples) abc.com while they own
efg.com. Now we're trying to integrate and we're having problems. We'd like
to have everyone using the same DHCP and DNS servers (netware 6.5) and move
them off of the MS active directory DNS/DHCP server. We have secondary
domains of the MS domains (both efg.com and the MS AD domain) on the
netware 6.5 server. Unfortunately, when we switched to the Netware DNS
server users were not able to login to either the NT 4 domain or the AD

Almost done (promise). Of course, because MS clients can't handle multiple
DNS suffixes being thrown at them, we had problems resolving names for all
domains until we manually entered the DNS Suffix info (we ended up
scripting this on the novell side but couldn't get our hands on the Windows
side). So we're limping along, but it's not great here.

We can most likely get users to login to the NT domain via a LMHOSTS entry
(yuck), but I'm still skeptical about the AD domain. Why can't users login
here? Of course, all the MS stuff and the extra domains are supposed to go
way "someday".