I already have scrolled through posts and TIDs, but i didn't find a
solution to my issue. I have Netware 6 SP3, NAMED ver. 5.10.09 and
DHCPSRVR ver. 3.12.06

I have configured a range of dynamic IP addresses, from to; these addresses are assigned and the hosts are registered in
DNS database.

Now, I have configure a handful of manual IP addresses assigned to
specific MAC addresses. They are assigned, but some of these hosts are
not registered in DNS database.

I have checked one host that got registered with one that doesn't, with
"ipconfig /all". They're identical. They're both Win2k PRO. Still, only
one RR appears in DNS database (i delete it before rebooting both machines).

I even tried to use "named -v" with "dbglog" but, there are NO messages
regarding this registration at all.

What can i check to troubleshoot it?

Thank you for any suggestion.