I'm struggling with a dynamic DNS on a remote subnet. NAMED is displaying
variations of the error mentioned in the topic repeatedly.

I found another thread in this group, dating back to 11/03, which discussed
this topic. That thread seemed to suggest that the problem was with the DHCP
setting for DNS Update Option setting to 'Always Update'. I've verified this
setting is correct. I even changed it back to 'No Update', reset DHCPSRVR
and NAMED, returned it to 'Always Update', and then reset DHCPSRVR and NAMED

Additionally, I've tried deleting DNS completely from the server in that
subnet and rebuilding it from scratch.

Also, I've verified that the DNS server for this subnet is a member of the

I have two other subnets on the same network that are both working without
errors, but this particular one just doesn't seem to be happy.

What other things can I check?

Thanks for your time and attention to this matter,