I have three NW 6 SP3 servers, two in one bldg, another remotely in a child
partition. One in the main building has been handling DHCP handout just
fine for several years and the remote handles that subnet. The remote
server crashed. I installed a new disk and brought everything up fine,
restored files and trustees, time in sync, all OK so far. I went to the
main building and brought up the DHCP management console and added a DHCP
server for the remote server and IP segment. Then I went to the remote
bulding, ran DNIPINST on the server and it appeared that the DHCP objects
were correctly added for that partition. Then I downloaded and installed
the DHCP Management console 4 from Novell support. When I opened it up, and
it had my tree name, there was nothing there, just a green globe with the
text Our Network. I returned to the main building and started up the
Managment Console, which I think was Ver 3, and it has the same thing, just
the globe and "Our Network", all DNS info is gone too. I had copied the tab
file also into the ETC\DHCP folder that was there before the server crash.

What did I do to lose all my DHCP management console data?? How serious is
this? How do I get back to where I was before I installed DNIPINST on the
remote server?? Will users lose there IP addresses and other info??

There are no errors on the server that has been working in the main
building, just an empty management colsole.