I just re-loaded the DNS/DHCP software from upgraded NW5.1 eDir 8.6.2 to

before this upgrade, DNS/DHCP working fine - after upgrade, all still
working, except the Java utility (on w2k workstation) would connect with
DHCP fine, but NOT DNS. So I remove Java DNS/DHCP utility and re-installed
from my NW5.1sp7 now running eDir Now DNS connects fine - (DHCP
looks fine also).

Now this DNS also caches DNS requests for our private LAN - ie all
workstation use this host for DNS.

Checking the DNS part of the Java Utility on my W2k machine, I notice the
"Transfer Nets" tab is empty. So I try to add in my ISP Name Servers IP#s.
pop-up asks for IP# and sub-net mask... I'm confused.

No public name servers show in "Transfer Nets" and when I added, it now asks
for sub-net masks.

So perhaps I broke something...

Now I'm afraid to re-boot NW5.1 server, thinking I might have broken DNS.

==== 2nd request ====
Can you give me a URL where I can read and hopefully understand about
putting DNS/DHCP into eDir.

NW6.5 sp2 eDir on all other servers

currently DNS/DHCP handled by NW5.1sp7 - and I'm confused, I don't know
what, if any thing is in eDir and I notice the objects in ConsoleONE have
"?" which is just adding to my confusion.

When I replace the above NW5.1 server or if I need to re-boot this server
I'm afraid DNS will be broke.

Also, I particularly get confused about: Zone types.
Is my internal DNS (private IP#) a Primary or Secondary Zone master??

What is Dynamic DNS server ? should I care?

hopefully you know of URL: which I can read ... or documentation ..I'll
check my NW6.5 admin handbook too.

thanks for any help,

Brandon Fouts
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