I have a new nw6.5sp2 server that is running dhcp in test mode for a test vlan and seems to be handing out ip addresses. It is not doing DNS yet. I want to put it into production mode and have it to be the primary dhcp/dns server which is now on a netware5.1sp6 server. I think I have a handle on doing that but I would also like to make this new server the SLPDA. I see TID 10068412 which is for "moving slpda from one server to another using unscoped scope". I cannot find TID for moving slpda using scoped scope. We have one scope. When I look at the edirectory 8.7 admin guide - page 422 leads me to believe that every slpda has a scoped entry called default to eliminate confusion. The scope is related to dhcp insofar as it is handed out by the dhcp server, correct?

What complicates this for me is that I also need to move the objects (slp and dns/dhcp) to the new part of our tree. How can I proceed?
1. Would I first move the slpda to the new server - if so, is there a TID to follow for scoped?
2. The new objects get recreated automatically so do I delete the old ones AFTER creating the new ones or before?
3. Then I export and reimport the databases for dns and dhcp to the correct location in edirectory and delete the old
4. Then asssign all my vlans to the new dhcp server and voila? I am done (till the vpn clients call:-)

Thank you.