I have a situation which sounds nearly identical to the one HowdyDudy sent in on 12/28/04. That thread ended before a final solution was reported. I am still in need of a resolution. In my case, we are running NetWare 6.5 SP2 and named 6.03.06. When a resolution request is sent, say a ping of a host name, if the host is known only to the internal DNS server the response is 'unknown host'. If the host is also listed in our outside DNS server source, the response resolves to the external IP address (if the internal DNS was responding, I would expect it to resolve to the internal (NAT) IP address), and in the case of a ping it fails because the firewall generally doesn't let pings back in. This seems to indicate to me that the internal DNS server is not even trying to resolve, and instead is forwarding all requests to the outside DNS source.

Things I have tried:
- updated named.nlm to the latest version. Also referenced TID 10095766.
- added a AAAA record to the @ Resource Record, as Brad suggested on 12/29. Referenced TIDs 10065574 & 10074602.
- checked the DNS database files to make sure the host entries looked right and complete