Hi folks,

We have an internal web server running IIS. The web folks have set up each
dept's web page as a unique host. Example: finance.osceola.org. The
webserver is not multi-IPed, it redirects to specific pages based on the
address it received from the request. They add/edit/remove web pages/names
like a herion addict eating candy.

osceola.org is the registered external name and is the zone name internally
on DNS.

Department websites are available externally via a *.osceola.org entry at
Network Solutions that return to a static NAT address on the firewall.

Internally, folks would like to use the same entries as they do externally.
For whatever reason, IIS will not respond to the internal request that is
redirected from the external dns server even though we can trace the
request's path from the firewall to the web server.

We could add each department "hostname" to the internal zone but for
various reasons we would like to avoid having to enter these names in DNS
and were wondering if Netware's DNS supports the wildcard usage.