I want to setup DNS on our local LAN. I am not very clear on how to setup DNS, so I'm hoping I can get some help. I have a test network setup as follows:

Lan A:

2 NW6sp4 servers running dhcp/dns and 200.2
2 clients PC's (receive dhcp address from NW server)

Lab B:
1 client PC (receives dhcp address from router)

I have a Cisco 1710 router connecting the 2 lans (One interface is, the other is

My problem is this:

From either PC on Lan A, I can ping both servers, the router and the other client by name.
From the PC on Lan B, I can ping both servers on Lan A and the router by name, but not either of the PC's on Lan A

I'm guessing that the problem lies with DDNS. The servers and the router have manual entries in DNS, but the clients on LAN A are using DDNS. The client on LAN B is not getting to this information for whatever reason. Does this sound correct? Any ideas of how I can set this up correctly? Step by step idiot proof instructions would be great!

Thanks for any and all help!