I have 4 sites setup using Netware 6.5 SP2. My site is the master for DNS
and forwards to our ISP DNS if it cannot find internally. All other sites
forward to me if they cannot find an address. One site I setup several
months ago and the workstations cannot resolve addresses to each other. All
the other site have that working. I can do nslookup to outside .com and such
addresses with no problems. I can surf the net with no problems. I changed
the DNS suffix and I can ping theserver by name. I turned off the local DNS
and nothing works and then back on and the stuff that works continues to
work to test the local server. I double checked and duplicated the settings
from another child site that works fine with no change. We run NAMED.NLM
6.02.00 on all of the servers. Any help would be great as I have run out of

Scott Kendall
Coeur d'Alene Mines Corp