NetWare 6.5 sp2 (Small Business Suite)

Here's our configuration:

IP = 192.168.0.X
SubnetMask =
This gives 4 subnets; we use 1st 3 ~ ~ ~ ~<<UNUSED

Internet Router =

2 Servers
FileServer =
GroupWise =

4 Printers
HP1 =
HP2 =
Ricoh1 =
Ricoh2 =

Clients are grouped into 3 different groups according to which FileServer
NIC they are attached to. Each group is in a different part of the building
and adding a NIC to the server was MUCH easier than running 200' of that
special link cable between the switches. It also provides some modicum of
load balancing.

Here's the problem:
I want to set up DHCP on the FileServer server so that it distributes IP
addresses in the range of the NIC that the client is attached to.

I can find all sorts of info on setting up DHCP with one subnet, but
multiple subnet setup info seems to be scarce.
Questions like: How do I assign a subnet range to a NIC? How do I setup the
hardcoded IPs for the Printers, Servers & Routers? etc.

I would prefer a thorough step-by-step procedure in your answer.



David G. Wilson
I. T. Administrator
Cole, Cole & Easley, P. C.
Victoria, Texas

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