I am running NW 6.5 and NW 6.5 SP2...each one at a different office
connected by a VPN (I haven't gotten around to upgrading the first
server yet, SP2 was load months ago). Both run DHCP and DNS for each of
the offices. I have had zero problems with the servers (since migrating
from Win2K Server). Recently I have had DNS resolving issues with 4
computers (out of maybe 2 dozen). These are guest and conference room
boxes that don't get a lot of use. They pull DHCP and I can ping
internally and externally. I can even use nslookup...and it eventually
resolves. But email, web browsing, and our anti-virus updates won't
work. I've tried the windows ipconfig /flushdns trick, static DNS
entries, deleting the DHCP entry, restarting the DCHP and DNS services
on the NW servers...nothing. At one point they all were working fine. I
haven't done anything to the firewall or the servers. I'd even tried
replacing the cables...nothing. I once saw a wierd issue like this at a
NW 5 shop but it only effected Netscape. Replacing the NIC solved the
problem with that. Any ideas???

Thanks in advance!