Good afternoon,

I have multiple sites connected via frame relay and am running both Netware
5.1 and W2k. I'm looking for guidance on re-designing our dns structure.

Here's the layout: we have 12 locations, most of which have about 6 - 12
users. All locations except for one use NW as their primary f & p
server. One location has a w2k dc and we have another dc in our ops center,
both running dns with primary/secondary zones.We have two locations
that we have w2k member servers running apps (SQL2k,TS). At
one of those locations, we'll install a w2k dc. On our w2k severs, we have
one forward lookup zone and three reverse lookup zones. It is in
the third zone that we will be adding the w2k DC and has one of our windows

The question: I'm converting our netware network to pure ip and will install
dns on all servers, setting up child zones for each of the locations that
contain a NW box. Our 2k servers are setup to forward queries for internet
resources. My question is what would be the best approach for designing dns
in those locations that have both 2k and nw? My thoughts are this:

The current holds all records for forward lookups. I'm thinking
that I should create a 'child' zone, maybe and move the
appropriate records to that zone, creating zones as appropriate for the
other locations and moving those records as well. Next, after installing dns
on the netware boxes using the child/parent model (,, etc), make the netware servers secondary servers in
locations where there is also a w2k dns.

Kind of a long post, but I would appreciate any input.