NW6.5 SBS SP 2, iManager 2.0.2
The view in the DHCP Global Preferences (within iManager) bears no
resemblance to the same view using the DNS/DHCP Management console.
Completely different data. For instance, I can change the "Code 3" Router
address to, say in iManager, save it all, open up the
Management Console and that same setting is still at the old value, even
after stopping/starting the DHCP server. Additionally, the values created
via iManager don't seem to have any effect on what is actually passed to the
client during an address request. If I release/renew on a workstation, I
pick up the values shown in the Mgmt Console. If I change the value via the
Mgmt Console, stop/start the server and release/renew the workstation
address, I pick up the new value.

In other words, DHCP management via iManager doesn't seem to do anything.
This is a clean, fresh install of the entire O/S and everything else seems
to be functioning perfectly - iFolder, GW, BM, all the other features of
iManager, etc. Did I miss something here?