We have just upgraded from NW5.1SP6 to NW6.5SP2. We are still running
IPX but have bound a LAN card to IP and will be migrating users to IP
gradually. We have a small number of workstations that do connect IP.

I think I need to setup DNS on the Netware server.

I want to be able to connect remotely through a VPN directly to the
server. Currently I connect through the VPN to my desktop running

When I connect remotely through the VPN I can ping (private IP's) other
Windows XP computers that are behind the firewall but not the server. A
subset of our desktops are able to browse the Internet, access is allowed
through the firewall based on IP address. I also added the server's IP
address to this list. I can ping the server (private) IP from my desktop
(behind the firewall).

Each XP desktop has their DNS settings pointing to our ISP. We do not
run DHCP, we assign IP addresses manually, the addresses are static.

Can anyone provide some tips/hints ?? I'm thinking that the server has
no DNS addresses/settings like the Windows desktops so that's why I can't
connect remotely???

Thanks in advance!!!